Thursday, March 27, 2014

ho hum

Well, I'm thinking that maybe the best way to get this blog rebooted is just to write-up whatever thoughts I have swirling around without overthinking it too much and waiting to come up with themes/lists/etc.

Things I am struggling with:
- The fact that it still isn't warm and spring-like even though I took the above photo about three months ago and it was like 65 degrees that day.
- Expedia's customer service. Really just the worse--if you're thinking about using them in the near future--don't. 
- Feeling like I have a pile-up of clothes again, yet continuing to buy because of sales and deals that are just too good to pass up. And feeling like I still want to buy the Everlane Petra bag even though I already have nice bags that just sit in my closet and never get used.

Things I am looking forward to:
- Mounting our new staghorn ferns after being inspired at Longwood Gardens last month
- Completing step 2 (a home visit) of the 3-step process of adopting a pug from Philly Pug and Short Nose Rescue
- Seeing The Phantom of the Opera at the Kimmel Center this weekend with my boyfriend's mother :)
- Taking a mini-vacation down to Baltimore next weekend
- The start of summer superhero blockbuster movies, mainly X-Men Days of Future Past but also Guardians of the Galaxy 
- Eating fried calamari at Head House Crab & Oyster Co. because it is the only place I trust even 5 years after that NPR story
- Fleetwood Mac just announced that they will be doing a US tour this year with Christine McVie AND Stevie Nicks

So...maybe not so ho hum after all? 

Tuesday, March 04, 2014


Do you hear that? That's the sound of time passing. And just like that, we're 2 months into 2014 already.

It always feels a little unnatural to start blogging again after a long absence. I feel ok about it though because this time was mostly due to just spending time doing more fun things and not busy-ness (though work has been extremely busy lately). Mostly I'm just trying to hold on to the hope that this endless winter will finally end any day now.

Wardrobe Planning for 2014 
I've already made a few missteps in purchases because I didn't stick to my plans and bought impulsively. A couple of choices seemed necessary (needed a dress for a wedding, needed an all-black pair of ankle boots), while others I should've taken longer to think and maybe try on in person.

Here are my purchases and wishlist for 2014, with notes:
1. A.P.C. navy wool oversized scarf so necessary for the polar vortex 
2. Zara navy open back dress wedding purchase - might resell 
3. Zara black tuxedo suit jacket for work
4. Steven Alan danny pant in grey wool the best fitting pants for my body type - I already had them in black and red wool
5. A.P.C. petit standard raw jeans bought a size 25 which I think may have been too small--still can't button all of the buttons! Might have to resell...
6. Madewell charade black blazer another good purchase for work 
7. Uniqlo silk blouse in navy polka dot and camel, probably won't be purchasing an Everlane one now 
8. Madewell peter pan collar denim shirt this fits differently than I expected...probably reselling/returning
9. Hope macy boots in black birthday present to myself - extremely happy with the workmanship and comfort level! 
10. Nike free runs yeah yeah yeah everyone has them but I just want to save my feet from getting bunions, that's all!
11. Sam Edelman trina sandals to replace a pair from 3 years ago that's pretty worn at this point

In other news, I hope this blog's revival will include lots of photos of a new four-legged friend soon! 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

the best

2013 was the best year of my life so far. I fell in love, lived in Paris for the summer, landed a job that I love going to every day, and moved to my favorite neighborhood in Philly. If 2014 is half as good, I should only be so lucky! Happy new year!!
(paris, brittany, mont st michel, tuileries/louvre)
(schuylkill river trail, view from my office, visiting parents in connecticut, first snow in philly) 

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

a new beginning: work edition

This photo. This photo has been haunting me ever since Dead Fleurette posted it on her instagram. Her blog is now sadly defunct, but I hope she keeps the archives up because it was always such an inspiration for simplifying and decluttering. I look at this photo and think oh god I have way too many things in my closet, still.

Issue one: After sitting for most of the day in a pair of pants that have become a little too tight, I've realized that I need to rethink my wardrobe to fit my current needs. IMO, having a 9-5 job Monday-Friday means that at least 2/3 of my wardrobe should be suitable for work. A few categories in particular need some rethinking because I now spend about 45 minutes commuting by bike to and from work. Function, comfort, and not exposing myself on the streets of Philadelphia are key. So instead of pencil skirts I wear circle skirts and dresses with fuller skirts. I avoid wearing my suede APC boots because I'm afraid they'll get mangled by my pedals. I can still wear tight black jeans and tight-ish pants, but find that if I don't balance them out with a looser top I feel uncomfortable by after-lunch time. I don't think I need any new purchases to fill these criteria, but I think there's a lot in my wardrobe that I can weed out that just doesn't get much wear anymore.

Issue two: I'm sharing an apartment with my boyfriend and we don't have a full-length mirror in our bedroom or anywhere on the third or second floor. The only full-length mirror is on the first floor right by the front door. This means that I can check myself right before heading out the door, but it's impractical to try things on in the morning and run and up down the stairs to make sure I look ok. For the past month I've more or less cut this step out of getting dressed in the morning, and it only works when I know exactly how the clothes I own fit me. Some combinations are still a bit tricky and unpredictable, but this is further encouragement for me to pare down only the items that I can predict with 95%+ accuracy how they will fit and look in combination with each other.

Not really an issue, three: My off-day/weekend outfits are the easiest to (not) plan, because at this point I know that a breton + skinny jeans with loafers work every time. This is my "uniform" for fall weather and works through the winter with a jacket/coat + boots + scarf thrown on.

Issue four: My eyes hurt after work from looking at a computer screen all day and I'm trying to be more active. So this means less online browsing (but more regular blog updates!) and more reading actual books (feeling particularly inspired after watching Finding Forrester last night), joining a glow-in-the-dark Bocce Ball league, swing dance lessons, and hopefully a camping trip or two before the weather plummets into the winter cold.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

waiting for fall

I know this update is short of a cop-out (I've been busy busy since coming home from Paris), but I just wanted to document the current wishes I have for fall weather: shoes and bags (no surprises here). Just one more day of 90+ weather before it cools down for good I hope.

Of course I was tempted by the Celine trio while I was in Paris but I'm trying to aim for the practical. I love these bags from Bookhou but I'm not sure if the "carry" style is too big for me. I love the day bag for its simplicity and the adjustable strap, but it might be too small for work. Thoughts?
Also on the list is a pair of burgundy New Balances that I've been wanting since last year. For wear with cropped trousers and jeans, and maybe even dresses/skirts...