Wednesday, March 27, 2013

spring cleaning

post-birthday brunch with friends at Cafe Lift 

Oh my, March was a rough month (even if it was filled with some pretty good brunch). It's not over yet, but at least the worst of a very emotionally taxing personal ordeal is over, leaving me now to do what I know how to do best: clean out my closet. I have some things listed on LOGE ending this week, and I'll be listing more things there and on ebay later on.

1. Joie boots // 2. Marc by MJ jacket // 3. Cambridge Satchel Company bag // 4. J. Crew icon trench // 5. Bass Weejuns loafers

In more exciting news, I'm headed to PARIS for the summer!! I'll be working at the UNESCO headquarters, which probably means I should start censoring/removing all incriminating personal details from this blog immediately, lest they discover my not-so-secret love of David Lynch and breton shirts. But real talk now to the career-oriented bloggers out there: what's your take on blogger vs. work life? How much should you leave out to keep yourself "professionally safe"? 


  1. As long as you stay on the right side of the very thin line between "personal" and "private", (and personal being the right side...) then you can blog about pretty much. I mean what I've seen here, there hasn't been anything that would lift my eyebrow if I were your boss.

    But it's sounds very exiting with Paris and your new job - congratulations :)

    Cheers from Denmark.

  2. Oh Paris...actually i think working or studying anywhere that isn't home for a while is always a fun and exciting prospect. I hope you have a good time and share your adventures!

    i keep my blog anonymous and private from my co-workers, even though i don't blog about work (other than complain that i'm tired) or go into personal details. it's partly because i work in the media in a more "behind the scenes" role and i want to keep it that way.

    also, there are all kinds of people in a workplace, and paranoid as it sounds, you never know what information people will seize upon just and find a way use it against you.

    and finally, it's because sometimes you want to draw the line between work and personal life and it feels nice that there are some things you don't have to discuss and share with people at work - otherwise it just feels like there's no part of your life that isn't "touched" by work somehow.

  3. great question! im so divided because i actually write things on their that i think would add to my job applications, but then again im just a n00b. of course the way i blog is confined to my undergrad years - i think in the future i might move towards a tumblr and make it more discreet later on. i can't believe your getting rid of your bass penny loafers - i woud totally get it if it was in my size.

    have fun in paris!