Thursday, March 27, 2014

ho hum

Well, I'm thinking that maybe the best way to get this blog rebooted is just to write-up whatever thoughts I have swirling around without overthinking it too much and waiting to come up with themes/lists/etc.

Things I am struggling with:
- The fact that it still isn't warm and spring-like even though I took the above photo about three months ago and it was like 65 degrees that day.
- Expedia's customer service. Really just the worse--if you're thinking about using them in the near future--don't. 
- Feeling like I have a pile-up of clothes again, yet continuing to buy because of sales and deals that are just too good to pass up. And feeling like I still want to buy the Everlane Petra bag even though I already have nice bags that just sit in my closet and never get used.

Things I am looking forward to:
- Mounting our new staghorn ferns after being inspired at Longwood Gardens last month
- Completing step 2 (a home visit) of the 3-step process of adopting a pug from Philly Pug and Short Nose Rescue
- Seeing The Phantom of the Opera at the Kimmel Center this weekend with my boyfriend's mother :)
- Taking a mini-vacation down to Baltimore next weekend
- The start of summer superhero blockbuster movies, mainly X-Men Days of Future Past but also Guardians of the Galaxy 
- Eating fried calamari at Head House Crab & Oyster Co. because it is the only place I trust even 5 years after that NPR story
- Fleetwood Mac just announced that they will be doing a US tour this year with Christine McVie AND Stevie Nicks

So...maybe not so ho hum after all? 


  1. Fried calamari sounds delicious. Good luck on your pug adoption; hope the visit goes well.

  2. I can't eat calamari after a This American Life story... I'll leave you to look it up if you want. With you on feeling the accumulation of stuff lately. Always seems to happen in the winter. Sigh... For what it's worth, I think the Madewell tote is much better looking than the Petra. I'm really tempted by the silk band collar shirt though- we'll see.

    1. That is the NPR story I was referring to--is This American Life not always on NPR? I brought it up but the waiter was confidant enough to offer to bring us the order slip for the squid. I hope it's true because it was the best calamari I've ever had--complete with all of the tentacle-y bits that are my favorite!

      For Everlane I'm holding off until they come out with their new spring silk shirts in a week--interested to see what new colors and shapes they have to offer before deciding.