Tuesday, March 04, 2014


Do you hear that? That's the sound of time passing. And just like that, we're 2 months into 2014 already.

It always feels a little unnatural to start blogging again after a long absence. I feel ok about it though because this time was mostly due to just spending time doing more fun things and not busy-ness (though work has been extremely busy lately). Mostly I'm just trying to hold on to the hope that this endless winter will finally end any day now.

Wardrobe Planning for 2014 
I've already made a few missteps in purchases because I didn't stick to my plans and bought impulsively. A couple of choices seemed necessary (needed a dress for a wedding, needed an all-black pair of ankle boots), while others I should've taken longer to think and maybe try on in person.

Here are my purchases and wishlist for 2014, with notes:
1. A.P.C. navy wool oversized scarf so necessary for the polar vortex 
2. Zara navy open back dress wedding purchase - might resell 
3. Zara black tuxedo suit jacket for work
4. Steven Alan danny pant in grey wool the best fitting pants for my body type - I already had them in black and red wool
5. A.P.C. petit standard raw jeans bought a size 25 which I think may have been too small--still can't button all of the buttons! Might have to resell...
6. Madewell charade black blazer another good purchase for work 
7. Uniqlo silk blouse in navy polka dot and camel, probably won't be purchasing an Everlane one now 
8. Madewell peter pan collar denim shirt this fits differently than I expected...probably reselling/returning
9. Hope macy boots in black birthday present to myself - extremely happy with the workmanship and comfort level! 
10. Nike free runs yeah yeah yeah everyone has them but I just want to save my feet from getting bunions, that's all!
11. Sam Edelman trina sandals to replace a pair from 3 years ago that's pretty worn at this point

In other news, I hope this blog's revival will include lots of photos of a new four-legged friend soon! 


  1. I hope winter ends soon too. Glad to see you back in this space.

    1. Thanks Jocy! Well....3 weeks later and it still hasn't happened....

  2. i just got myself some nikes too. ha! whatever will facilitate easy walking/workouts :)

    1. I was all set to order them this week from zappos but now they're out of stock in my size! nooooo

  3. Just a FYI... The cut & quality of the Everlane silk blouses is better than the UNIQLO... In case you need encouragement. I'm also trying to take myself out of a buying the Everlane leather tote... I'm so hopeless!

    1. I think I'm going to try the sleeveless version since I already have so many long-sleeved button downs. The Petra bag is out of the question for me though--I'm happy with my Madewell Transport tote that I purchased off of someone from LOGE and the new pug addition to our family is about to rack up some major medical bills this month. Maybe someday!