Monday, June 16, 2014

the pug life

The past couple of months have been some of the best of my life--Ben and I finally adopted a pug! Grover is 5 years old and has quickly become the center of our little family. Those of you who follow me on instagram will know that I've definitely already fallen down the hole of crazy-pug-mother-dom and basically only post photos of Grover now. I'm really resisting becoming one of those people who has an instagram solely dedicated to their dog(s) but considering how much joy I get out of those, maybe I might as well just do it? 

Unfortunately, our Memorial Day weekend was brought to a scary close when one of Grover's front teeth fell out. We booked the soonest vet appointment available and then were told that it is likely that Grover has never had a dental cleaning before. He has bad tooth decay and gum disease and will need between 5-10 teeth pulled :( It's not uncommon for pugs to need lots of work done for their teeth since getting all 42 teeth crammed into that little snout is no small feat, but that doesn't make us any less worried about putting him under general anesthesia or that the cost is going to be roughly that of two-month's rent. 

I am continuing to exhaustively clean out my closet and have been listing things to sell on The Laws of General Economy and ebay to help foot the costs for Grover's surgery. We are also considering using an online fundraising campaign like PetCaring or GiveForward, but both Ben and I feel a little reluctant and uncomfortable about it. Have any of you used online fundraising for personal matters? Would you do it again? 

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  1. Poor Grover! I've never used online fundraising for personal matters but I know people who have. Do what you have to do. Another place to sell clothes is Noihsaf Bazaar on Instagram. There's pretty quick turnaround.